ECD Baseline Assessment 2022

The ECD Baseline Assessment 2022 report examines the context in which early learning takes place in South Africa. It is based on a parallel survey conducted alongside the Thrive by Five Index 2021.

The ECD Baseline Assessment surveyed 545 of the Early Learning Programmes (ELPs) that took part in the Thrive by Five Index and presents insights into the resourcing, operations, management, financing, human resourcing and infrastructure in a range of differently-resourced geographies.

The main finding of the report was the dependence of ELPs on the income received from parents both for their financial viability, and the quality of the child outcomes. The amount of the fees charged was the strongest determinant for higher early learning outcomes, followed by parents’ ability to pay the fees.

The report proposes five key recommendations based on the findings:

  1. Provide support to ELPs to meet the minimum norms and standards;
  2. Provide instructional support to ELPs to improve learning outcomes;
  3. Strengthen human resource development;
  4. Improve the level of funding of ELPs, as well as the efficiency of the use of this funding by ELPs; and
  5. Improve the accessibility of ELPs for children with disabilities.

The report was published by the South African Department of Basic Education in October 2022.

Download the ECD Baseline Assessment 2022 report.

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