High quality preschool assessment tools, designed for affordable use at scale. Read more about the ELOM user journey if your organisation is interested in using the tools. 


The Early Learning Measurement (ELOM) tools accurately measure a range of developmental outcomesThese include for example the child’s ability to understand basic maths concepts, to use language and to solve age appropriate problems in young children, and provide an indication of the quality of the early learning environment in home and programme settings. Locally developed in South Africa, the tools are user-friendly, fair and affordable. They have been tested with thousands of children and are psychometrically valid and standardised The tools take into account diverse socio-economic backgrounds and are available in all 11 official South African languages.

There are currently six tools in the ELOM suite.

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We strive to make the ELOM tools as cost-effective to use as possible. We offer two pricing packages and the average cost of assessing the maximum number of children under each package is approximately R300 per child. Read more about our pricing packages, understand the ELOM user journey, or apply to use the ELOM tools now.

Meet our
agents for change
Brinthia Dawood is a trained ELOM assessor who has collected data in two research studies, including the largest survey of preschool child outcomes ever attempted in South Africa - the Thrive by Five Index 2021.
Meet our
agents for change
Papama Mateza was one of the first trained ELOM assessors in South Africa and remains a dedicated advocate for equal early learning opportunities for all children.
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The development of the ELOM tools would not have been possible without the support of our partners.