Updates about our work, our people, and our sector as well as opportunities to join us in using data to drive change.

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Updates to the ELOM Assessment Reports  

Data utility is a cornerstone of our strategy. We continually strive to ensure that the data generated through the ELOM assessments are understood and appropriately used to drive change for ...
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Cotlands has a rich legacy of innovation. We spoke to Cotlands’ Operations Manager Angie Bezuidenhout to find out what their ELOM data says about their innovative low-dose early learning approach ...
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ELOM 4&5 Assessor Training: 24-28 June, Knysna

Assessor training to administer the ELOM 4&5 Tool will take place 24-28 June 2024 in Knysna, Western Cape, facilitated through ELOM training partner the Knysna Education Trust.  If you are interested in ...
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CLOSED: DataDrive2030 is looking for a Project Coordinator

We are looking for an organised, highly motivated and engaging project coordinator who has a passion for developing people to join our small, dynamic team. This is a 4 to ...
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Exciting Opportunity to Partner with DataDrive2030 as an Accredited Training Partner

We are excited by the demand for our ELOM tools and thrilled that organisations find them valuable in supporting their work. To ensure that we have sufficient accredited assessors available ...
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Understanding the behaviours of ECD practitioners in Positive Deviance environments

Why do some children thrive and outperform their peers despite their poorer socio-economic circumstances? DataDrive2030’s Positive Deviance Initiative (PDI) has sought to identify the factors associated with exceptional early learning ...
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There are exciting opportunities in the data supply chain, from the design of research to data collection, analysis, report writing and communications. Find out about opportunities here.


National reading campaign, Nal’ibali, is looking for a service provider to conduct a Story Material Suitability Evaluation targeted to beneficiaries. These include teachers, ECD practitioners, parents, reading club leaders, NGO partners and children. The evaluation should include suitability of delivery platforms and content for children aged 1-10, broadly divided into ECD phase, foundation phase and intermediate phase. The target audience should be sourced from diverse disadvantaged communities.

Full details of the opportunity including contact details are available for download here. Closing date for submissions is 27 January 2023. 


We have several projects lined up over the next few months and are looking for ELOM assessors to assist with data collection.

If you are an accredited ELOM assessor and are available to do assessments over the next few months, please let us know and we will connect you to opportunities.



Assessor recruits (for ELOM direct assessments) are normally drawn from the ECD sector.

To be considered for this training, nominated candidates are screened according to the following criteria:

  • An ECD or Foundation Phase qualification would be an advantage, but at least a Level 4 ECD qualification or equivalent
  • At least 2 years’ experience working directly with children between the ages of 4 and 7 years
  • Good attention to detail and diligence
  • Not flustered when dealing with a number of processes at one time
  • Excellent quality of relationships with young children
  • Openness to learning and to constructive criticism
  • Reads, speaks and understands English
  • Reads, speaks and understands the home language/s of children who will be assessed. 
  • Experience with an android device is critical as the ELOM is administered and scored on these devices.

The training includes theory and the opportunity to administer the instrument with at least three children under the supervision and guidance of an expert assessor and scoring practice.  

At the end of the 4 or 5-day training, assessors need to demonstrate their ability to:

a. Administer the ELOM accurately following all protocols and procedures
b. Form a warm encouraging relationship with the child they are assessing
c. Score consistently with an expert senior assessor.

For more information on training dates and costs, please email