Journal Article: Are SA children on track for early learning?

Analysis of the findings of the South African Thrive By Five Index 2021 survey published in Child Indicators Research in December 2023.
The journal article reports on a national South African multistage cluster sampling survey of early development in 5,222 children aged 50-59 months enrolled in preschool programmes (the Thrive by Five Index). Children were assessed on the ELOM 4&5, the ELOM Social-Emotional Rating Scale, and linear growth (height-for-age), in the last quarter of 2021.
Authors: Dr. Colin Tredoux (University of Cape Town), Prof. Andrew Dawes (University of Cape Town), Frances Mattes (University of Cape Town), Jan‑Christof Schenk (ikapadata), Sonja Giese (DataDrive2030), Grace Leach (Stellenbosch University), Servaas van der Berg, (Stellenbosch University), Jessica Horler (independent).
Published: Child Indicators Research December 2023
Download the article PDF here.

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