Technical Report: ELOM 4&5 Assessment Tool

This technical manual outlines the rigorous process followed in the development of the ELOM 4&5 Assessment Tool and describes further psychometrics undertaken since the release of the tool.

The ELOM 4&5 Years Assessment is a standardised tool that measures performance across five key developmental domains for children aged 50 to 59 months and 60 to 69 months:

  1. Gross Motor Development
  2. Fine Motor Coordination and Visual Motor Integration
  3. Emergent Numeracy and Mathematics
  4. Cognition and Executive Functioning
  5. Emergent Literacy and Language

The tool provides a reliable and fair assessment of children regardless of their socio-economic and ethnolinguistic background. Content, construct, age, and concurrent validity (with the WPSSI-IV), as well as test-retest reliability, have been established.

The relationship between age and learning gains (maturation effect) has also been investigated, and can thus be used as a counterfactual against which to evaluate programme gains.

Authors: Prof. Andrew Dawes (University of Cape Town), Matthew Snelling (Innovation Edge), Linda Biersteker (DataDrive2030), Colin Tedoux (University of Cape Town)

Published: 2020

Download the technical document here.

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