Technical Report: ELOM 4&5 Targeting Tool

This technical report describes procedures used to construct the ELOM 4&5 Targeting tool, which is a five item version of the ELOM 4&5 Assessment tool that may be used by various stakeholders to identify children aged 50-69 months who are in particular need of early learning support.

The ELOM 4&5 Targeting tool was not designed to screen children with learning disabilities or developmental delay and cannot be used for that purpose. It simply offers a relatively quick and easy way of identifying children who may be falling far behind the expected standard for their age. These children can then be referred for further assessment and, if necessary, remedial support.

Authors: Prof. Andrew Dawes (University of Cape Town), Matthew Snelling (Innovation Edge), Linda Biersteker (DataDrive2030)

Published: 2021

Download the ELOM 4&5 Targeting tool technical report here.

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