The development of Cognitive and Executive Functioning through play

JET Education Services recently conducted research using ELOM data on the development of executive functioning, which is one of the most significant and earliest predictors of future academic success. We chatted to JET’s ECD Specialist Researcher, Rachel Neville, to discover what they’ve learned and how it can be applied in the early learning sector to give young children a better start in formal schooling.

The Early Learning Positive Deviance Initiative

The development and widespread use of the Early Learning Measurement (ELOM) suite of tools, has allowed us access to a large, nationally representative, and continuously growing preschool child dataset in South Africa. The ELOM 4-5 Years Assessment tool categorises children into those that are On Track for their development (i.e. meet expected development standards), Falling […]

Early childhood education and care quality and associations with child outcomes: a meta-analysis

DataDrive2030 recently contributed to a meta-analysis that synthesizes the global literature on structural characteristics and indicators of process quality to test direct and moderated effects of early childhood education and care quality on children’s outcomes across a range of domains. This research article adds to existing meta-analyses on associations between the quality of early childhood […]

The right start – using data to build a better South Africa

When Papama Mateza completed high school in 2009 he planned to become a lawyer. Instead, a job opportunity at a local non-profit organisation, Sikhula Sonke Early Childhood Development, introduced him to the world of early learning and he has become a passionate advocate for children. “I’ve always had a soft spot for kids but never […]