Exciting Opportunity to Partner with DataDrive2030 as an Accredited Training Partner

We are excited by the demand for our ELOM tools and thrilled that organisations find them valuable in supporting their work. To ensure that we have sufficient accredited assessors available to meet the demand for our tools, we have implemented a new model for accreditation and training. Our new model entails partnering with training partners who will implement […]

Understanding the behaviours of ECD practitioners in Positive Deviance environments

Why do some children thrive and outperform their peers despite their poorer socio-economic circumstances? DataDrive2030’s Positive Deviance Initiative (PDI) has sought to identify the factors associated with exceptional early learning outcomes for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds, whom we refer to as “positive deviants”. Our goal is to find ways to leverage these factors at […]

True North: rainbow approach to early learning

True North believes that every child can shine. Since 2007, the organisation has been instrumental in constructing a robust ECD ecosystem reaching 2,000 children across 33 early learning programmes in Vrygrond, an informal settlement in Cape Town.  The organisation’s ELOM assessments, using the ELOM 4&5 Years Assessment Tool, have revealed school readiness levels on a […]


Singakwenza Early Childhood Education supports informal and formal childcare facilities, parents and caregivers to make zero-cost toys from household waste. The organisation has been using the ELOM tools to measure impact and the results are remarkable, even though they primarily work in extremely poorly resourced communities. We chatted to three members of Singakwenza’s team – […]

The development of Cognitive and Executive Functioning through play

JET Education Services recently conducted research using ELOM data on the development of executive functioning, which is one of the most significant and earliest predictors of future academic success. We chatted to JET’s ECD Specialist Researcher, Rachel Neville, to discover what they’ve learned and how it can be applied in the early learning sector to give young children a better start in formal schooling.

The Early Learning Positive Deviance Initiative

The development and widespread use of the Early Learning Measurement (ELOM) suite of tools, has allowed us access to a large, nationally representative, and continuously growing preschool child dataset in South Africa. The ELOM 4-5 Years Assessment tool categorises children into those that are On Track for their development (i.e. meet expected development standards), Falling […]