How-To Guide: Effects of Maturation on ELOM 4&5 Total and Domain Scores

This How-To Guide, published by DataDrive2030, explains how to separate the contribution of children’s normal maturation due to ageing, from growth in their performance due to participation in an early learning programme.

The ‘Maturation Effect’ is defined as a change in test performance attributable to ageing, independent of participation in an early learning programme. Researchers and practitioners can use this information to make informed decisions about the practical implications of their findings.

Authors: Prof. Andrew Dawes (University of Cape Town), Junita Henry (DataDrive2030)

Published: August 2023

Download the How-To Guide here.

The Using Data to Drive Change How-To Guides offer direction for ELOM users on a range of topics from field work planning and monitoring to how to interpret and use ELOM data. All How-To Guides in the series can be used independently of each other.

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