Journal Article: The development of the South African ELOM

Description of the rationale and method for the development of the ELOM tools published in Child journal in 2019.

Assessment of early childhood development programme effectiveness in South Africa was hampered by a lack of suitable measures that account for variations in cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and can be administered by non-professionals. This article reports the standardisation of the South African ELOM, an instrument designed for population level monitoring of the developmental status of children aged 50–69 months and for evaluation of early learning programmes.

Authors: Prof. Andrew Dawes (University of Cape Town), Matthew Snelling (Senior Evaluation and Learning Consultant), Linda Biersteker (DataDrive2030), Elizabeth Girdwood (DataDrive2030), Colin Tredoux (University of Cape Town)

Published: 2019 in Child: Care, Health and Development 

Download the journal article via this link.


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